day 358.

its been a Great Year!
especially the last few weeks of it :)


i can't believe my this project is over.
i have NO IDEA why i only have 358 days, though.
that makes me sad :(
i guess i could go through and count all of them to see where i messed up.. weird!

oh well.
i loved doing this, and now that it's over, i don't know what i am going to do.
its become such a habit to get my "photo of the day"
i got really lazy there though at the end of it. i wasn't bringing my camera around everywhere with me like i used to, and i missed out on some cool photos, which is sad.

i'm thinking i'll do another one of these, soon.
i want to make a book of it!

if you are a fellow 365'er , leave me your blog, i'd love to keep up with you!
thanks for all my loyal followers! 
hope you all have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!
and i challenge you to in SOME WAY, document your everyday life. You'll be surprised at what awesomeness surrounds you. you'll learn to appreciate small things. you'll see beauty everywhere, even in the mundane. you don't have to be a photographer, you just have to LIKE to take pictures AND commit to it.

SO DO IT! you won't regret it!

goodbye, sob sob.

day 357.

this was taken in st. george!
we missed the snowfall, but when we came back, it was STILL THERE.
our next door neighbors built these cute snowmen.

day 356.

jaxon's first Ideal Dairy experience.
he got to choose out his own punch bag, he thought that was pretty cool.

day 355.

i don't know what's more fun,
actually playing the kinect,
or taking pictures of people playing the kinect.

day 354.

my brother got the complete set of "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey"

Him and my Dad were so cute reading them to eachother and laughing.

day 353.

Grandma and Grandpa Talbot's "Christmas Train"

this thing is cool.

its out every year, and the kids love it.

day 352.

i love love love Christmas songs, and even more i love singing them. i want to add a new tradition to our tradition list; singing christmas hymns. we did it this year and it was amazing.

hope you had a merry christmas.

day 351.

Ho, Ho, the Mistletoe,
hung where you can see

that stuff with the white-ish berries is Mistletoe!

day 350.

gearing up for Christmas Eve.
Its a very very important night at our house.
we have our whole day planned out.

andy bought this tablecloth, btw.
he is so funny about christmas. i  absolutely love it.

day 349.

this is a parking lot in San Diego, not far from where we were staying.
yes, that blue thing is a van that was stuck in the water!

day 348.

Sea World, San Diego.
Shamu Show.

the rain was outrageous. horrid. a joke. a nightmare.
this was an hour before they closed the park because of the "hurricane weather"
jax still got to see some pretty cool stuff, and for that we are thankful.

day 347.

Rain Forest Cafe, Ontario CA.
with uncle Ty, Mom, Bev, me, andy & jax.

this was one of the highlights of our vacay. hate to be a downer, but there weren't many.

day 346.

working hard to put together 24 pages for both mom's for christmas.
lotta work!

day 345.

evening stroll around the block. in the rain. with jax.

day 344.


day 343.

day 342.

i have to take a minute to brag.

i took this picture ALL in camera. I did not edit it to be all swirly like that. i did that ON MY OWN! no photoshop!  I am just so proud!
don't ask me to do it again, i tried and i can't.

but i am quite happy about this!

day 341.

peace on Earth.

day 340.

tonight was andy's work christmas party. we finally got to see where he spends his weekends working his butt off! i met his manager who said he wished he had 100 andrews running around working there because he's such a great, hard worker! that's cool!

oh we were lucky to get this photo, there are no cameras allowed there, but i NEEDED a photo, and i wasn't about to be told no because of a stupid rule. we did it fast and no one saw. andy's not  a rule breaker, so he wasn't exactly happy about this.

day 339.

andy made this cute little guy in grade school.

day 338.

kai's stache bash! 

day 337.

i took this sweet mama's and her family's pictures yesterday.
they are the nicest neighbors ever!

day 336.

                       ***coming soon***

day 335.

my super sweet friend gave me this for an early christmas present.
i love it!

day 334.

i can't even begin to explain this.

so we'll leave it up to your imagination. 

day 333.

all is calm, all is bright.

day 332.

i actually didn't arrange this photo, you sickos.
it just happened.
andrew said he put them there because he had to put a cup in the cup holder and there was no other place.


day 331.

been doin a lot of this lately.
its gotta stop!

day 330.

making christmas presents...

day 329.

i was having one of those days.
you know those days.

my hair and my skin and my hairy legs and my unpainted toenails and my whiny son and my stinky washer and my unworking dishwasher and my messy house..well it equals a big fat meltdown.

except i have these about once a week, so they're not uncommon.


my sweet sweet neighbor was kind enough to not roll her eyes at my annoying complaint on facebook.
instead she brought over this.

i wanted to cry. how nice!
gosh, i love nice people.

she really really helped me that day :)

day 328.

day 327.

you really wanna ask?

friend me on facebook, and you'll see a lot more where this came from :)

day 326.

i love traditions.
andy has TONS of them, and i love that too.

one of his christmastime traditions is making peanut butter cookies.
and as you can tell, its very serious business.

day 325.

where's jax?

day 324.


day 323.

this year is MY year with the tree decorations!
that means: white, silver and blue.

day 322.

happy thanksgiving.

i am thankful for LIFE.

let me explain why i chose this photo. its been a crazy year for me, and for my husbands side of the family, and for a dear friend of mine. LIFE has been crazy. many babies were born, but none of them being mine. 4 of my sister in laws had babies this year. this is one of them. my friend has two babies that were completely unplanned, and she is unmarried. this isn't a self pity post by any means. what makes this whole thing significant and ironic, is that this baby's daddy has cancer, and has been told he has a 10% chance to live. This baby right here was conceived ONE month before they even knew he had cancer, and before he started chemo right after, making him sterile. this baby was a miracle.

this baby was given LIFE.
LIFE is a miracle.

i am so very blessed to have LIFE, while some our struggling so hard for theirs.

day 321.

yes, this year we got our tree the day BEFORE thanksgiving, but it worked out best that way.

it was hard choosing my photo of the day for this day, i got a lot of fun photos on this day.
but i like this one. it says it all. andy is thigh deep in this beautiful , freezing white stuff, plowing mightily toward what is soon to become our christmas tree! man, this guy is tough. he nearly passed out after he cut down the thing and dragged it by himself across that crazy deep snow. not to mention it was probably like -10 degrees.

but even he says it was worth it.

the sky was SO blue and the air was SO crisp, and it was SO dang peaceful. It was truly a winter wonderland.

day 320.

the weather outside is frightful.
but in a way, its sort of delightful!
p.s. this isn't today's right photo. for some bizarre reason i guess i forgot to take one this day..although i refuse to believe that is true. i think i computer just swallowed it up.

day 319.

first time he didn't scream bloodly murder when i stuck him in the dryer.
he actually liked it.

day 318.

day 317.

while others are getting snow, we get this.

day 316.


day 315.

day 314.

can you believe i've been doing this for 314 days?! i've never stuck to something this long, i am proud!

guess who wasn't happy about having to clean the poop out of his underwear?

day 313.

its beginning to look a lot like....
wait, no its not!

i thought summer had just barely ended!
yeah, it did.

andy is a crazy christmas freak, but i look forward to this freakiness of his once a year. though he's ridicously early, I love his christmas spirit!

day 312.

does anyone remember lincoln logs? this has been a week of memories for me.

after years and years, i reunited with this childhood pastime when my mom brought a big tub full of them for jax.
I have memories of laying on the living room floor with my Dad and brothers , building houses with different colored roofs, then placing plastic indians around them like they were fighting. We usually did this in the winter, when it got dark early and there was nothing else to do. 

wow, memories!

day 311.

parowan, T&A gas station.
i did not edit this!!

day 310.

congrats my long time friend, Candace!

(eeew and this is apparently what i look like when i shoot weddings! yuck!)

day 309.

does anyone remember these?
and the craze they caused?
or maybe its just me....

in grades 6-8, gelli rolls were a BIG DEAL.
if you didn't have gelli rolls, you may as well just not even come to school.
i remember searching high and low for them, but they were so hard to find, because i guess they'd be sold out everywhere?

little did i know, that at age 24, i could just waltz into my neighborhood Roberts Craft store, grab a 40% coupon & buy them for about $8 without any trouble or hassle.
i did not have to save  all my money for what seemed to be such expensive but worth it pens.
i did not have to search every store and hopefully find the last pack.
 they were just there. in full stock.

day 308.

and the rockets red glare,
the bombs bursting in air
gave proof through the night,
that the flag was still there.