day 110.

happy saturday.

every saturday should be filled with sunshine & a great adventure.
mine was. :)

day 109.

sweet, huh?

day 108.

midnight snack.
yep, that's right. these are VEGETABLES.

day 107.

rain, rain go away.
it's the end of april , good grief & i want the pool to open!

day 106.

breakfast, lunch & dinner is served.
for one whole week.
yum! NOT!
I am doing the cabbage soup diet, and I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

day 105.

andy is one of the hardest working men probably ever to exist.
here he is, putting up cabinets in our garage.
we don't have a drill, so he's doing it the hard way.

day 104.

I made a smart move & bought the boys some candy I knew I wouldn't be tempted with.
And it worked. I didn't eat one of these disgusting things.
No, I was eating my chocolate raisins instead!

day 103.

father & son.
I am not much of a dog person, but this was too cute.

day 102.

this wall.
this wall makes me so happy!
i am thankful for this wall!
to see some cute faces in front of this wall, click here

day 101.

look who decided to show up and make my day.


day 100.

homemade oreos.
how am i ever supposed to lose weight when there are things like this in the world?

day 99.

doing dishes by hand does not give me JOY.

day 98.

first time painting with the little man!
what fun we had.


day 97.


Best Buds.
These two love eachother.

day 96.

Me & BFF at Zion!!
we look SO hot after finishing our grueling hike. But it was SO worth it!
[you never realize how much weight you need to lose, til you see yourself on camera! yuck!)

day 95.

oh , kids make me laugh.
especially my own.
This is what jax did when i said "put your face close to the babies face"
Baby B wasn't too sure about this. I love Jax's PB & honey face.

day 94.

we got a new neice!
Isn't she beautiful!?
I was SO lucky to get this shot of her!

day 93.

my friend makes the CUTEST flowers for headbands.
I really love this one!

day 92.

i love this song.
and i love music!
i am thankful for it.

day 91.

yes. i still live in st. george.
but ya wouldn't know it from this photo.
oh my hail!

day 90.

happy easter!
happy conference!

day 89.


maybe this will help.

day 88.

one of the best things ever:
 camp fire+mountains+dutch oven

and andy makes a mean dutchoven.


day 87.

hippity hoppity, easter's on its way.

day 86.