day 31.

everything from the colors of this photo, to the way the guy's hands are i love.

love, love, love.

goodbye, January. Hello, February.

day 30.

oh, now I've done it.

my dad's gonna kill me. I gave him a fair warning before hand that i still hadn't taken my photo of the day.

this was too cute to pass up really.

day 29.

sometimes i love being a girl.

other times, not so much.

day 28.

sometimes, this is really all a person needs.

A good book, a blanket & a quiet afternoon.

If you haven't read Hunger Games, do so. It won't disappoint. It may disturb, but it won't disappoint.

day 27.

i drive by this awesome sight every day.

I've always wanted to stop and take a picture.

I LOVE the old fashioned feel of this cute little barber shop. And those cool trees just make it that much more AWESOME!

*lovin this*

day 26.

and i dedicate this photo to my brother, Trevor.

he always sends me pictures from his phone of his grapefruit.

Grapefruit really are a lovely thing to photograph. Maybe I'll do a 'grapefruit series'.

how fun! and all because I was inspired by you, Bev.

day 25.

See, I'm capable of finishing something!!

I did it all by myself!

(Oh, I didn't make that flower.. I wish.)

day 24.

what's crappier..

exercising or dieting?

I tried a diet last week: failed
I tried exercising today: failed

I'm SO not a fan.

But I think I know what might help. If I could find one of these that is open to public & not locked up at night.


day 23.

yard sale, 10 cents.

probably my favorite purse so far.

day 22.

this is sick.

if you know me at all, you know why.

day 21.

i love getting my boots dirty.
especially today.

day 20.

I'm so all over the place.

I'll start something, set it down, pick it up a week, a month, a year later.

Maybe finish it, maybe not.

i can't NOT be this way. why?

an ex-boyfriend once told me "you'll never be able to do that, because you can't stick to anything"

why is that true? or is it?

is this yellow difficult to read? if so, I'll change it. I don't really want to.  This is after all, my favorite color.

day 19.

this is my fave dr. suess book. one fish , two fish, red fish, blue fish.

but I think my favorite thing right here is that big bellly poking out. This was exactly my view from where I was on the couch, reading to jax.

i had andy hurry and hand me the camera so I could get exactly what I saw.

I want to keep this blog simple, because simple things are what make life beautiful.

day 18.

"color picture mama"

jax wants to do this ALL THE TIME. he'll only color , though if I'm right there, coloring with him.

day 17.

this makes me happy. you'll never guess what it is. unless you have one at your house. or your mom's house. or better yet, your grandma's house.

day 16.

"watch why-ho"

jax loves movies that scare him. the witch in snow white freaks the crap out of him. yet he would watch this 10 times a day if i let him.

day 15.

Spicy Italian on wheat bread
pepperjack cheese
lots of lettuce
banana peppers
chipotle southwest sauce

i'll never get tired of this.

day 14

me getting ready for the day. jax sitting on my suitcase, reading a book. priceless moment.

i sure do love this guy.

day 13

gloomy day=gloomy mood.

good thing we live in the sunny st. george and this right here is never a long term situation. even in the winter.

day 12

I am definitely

and totally,


a CAT person.

and i think my son is too.

sucks that this creature right here could possibly be capable of killing my husband.

what a crappy thing to be allergic to.

day 11

my cute baby cousin.

there will be more *here* soon.
promise i will not do this often.

i promise to take other pictures OTHER than my photography business shtuff on this blog.

but this is what i spent alllll day doing.
i had no time for much of anything else.

not that i don't love this cute squishy baby girl.
i love her. and want her. and need her.

day 10


i love life.

i was a lawyer.
i had a son.
then a daughter.
then twin sons!


day 9

i love to see the temple.

day 8

dark hair.

day 7

this survived exactly 3 years, 5 months & 2 days.

day 6

I WILL change the numbers on this stupid scale.

day 5

and this is what happens when I hand over the camera to andy.
love it.

day 4

because alligators get hungry too.

day 3

can i really slow down aging?
tell me this stuff works.

day 2

this guy rules my life. in a good way. most of the time.
love you, jax.

day 1

here's to the beginning of a new year and a new project. Starting today, I will post a picture EVERYDAY. It can be Something that is on my mind, or something totally random. or both.

I know I will get sick of this project, but I am determined to follow through and finish it! I have seen the finished product and it's glorious. and inspiring.

 and now I have finally decided it's time that i start my own.

there are no rules. except that i take a picture everyday. oooh, i'm excited!


happy new year.