day 199.

stinky, sleeping bear toes.

day 198.

happy 24th!

oh i love Utah.
& these clouds were just fabulous.

day 197.

one of jax's fake smiles.
i love it!

day 196.

Our new pets.
Phyllis and Gary.

day 195.

 mmmmm... cupcakes.

day 194.

trying to potty train this bum
is harder than i could have ever imagined.

day 193.

it feels good to have to edit again!
that break was waaaay too long!

day 192.

ha ha.
so i was driving home from Richfield & had to pee SO freaking bad.
I thought i was going to explode and there was not a bathroom in sight.
i pulled over in "Browse", drove up a dirt road, saw this sign,
then peed behind a bush.

it was worth it to find this sign.

day 191.

painting the roses red.
thats all i could think of while painting.
do you know what that's from?
yeah, alice and wonderland. the original, from my childhood. the only one worth remembering.

my dad & i painted their fence.
the good old fashioned manual labor felt refreshing to me.

day 190.

eating ice cream with uncle bev at a
new deli in R-town.

day 189.


dogs smile too.

day 188.

and thats my eye.
a lot.

 i liked what my hair was naturally doing today, that wave by my face.
this is the one place my face can't look fat.
or can you have fat person eyes?
and apparently i have freckles on my nose?

day 187.

and here are jax & baby B again!
i love jax's face. & his head looks like a balding old man.

we have the nicest spanish neighbors ever. they will bring over meals or treats to us just for the heck of it sometimes. today they told us we could borrow this little pool thing,  probably because they always hear jax turning on the hose and me yelling for him to turn it off. 
the mom will usually bring one of her daughters over, and she will speak in spanish, and the daughter will translate to me. She said that she can tell how much the nino loves water & wants him to play in this little pool.

what sweet people!

day 186.

for the past couple days jax & i got to watch sweet baby B.
Jax adores him.

day 185.

look who's 27!

happy birthday andy man.

(he's not naturally this nerdy. I made him to this pose with his strawberry cheesecake.)

day 184.

does this frighten you?
because it should.

day 183.

He loves to help me wash dishes
(yes, by hand)

I think in 10 years, he will change his mind about it.
It takes me longer this way, but at least he is learning some useful life skills.
I'll wash and rinse, then he'll load the dishwasher with them.

sweet boy.

day 182.

I first heard of this place from NieNie

And good old St. G just got one!
I went straight in and ordered a VaNIElla cupcake!

It was SOOO good!
you should go there, asap.

It's expensive , but a little more worth it than 25 main i think, because the cupcakes are a little bigger and there are cooler flavors and you get more frosting. AND there is a cupcake named after NieNie, for crying out loud!

day 181.

jax is in the summer reading program at the public library.
for every 10 books I read to him, he gets to go choose a prize at the library.

i want my son to learn to appreciate the beauty that can only be found in books.
(so cheesy, i know. but you know its true)

day 180.

no, i did not throw up in my blender.
but i could have fooled you, huh?

this is "cafe rio's tomatillo dressing"
it tastes nothing like the real thing though :(

day 179.

looking out over Cedar Breaks.

day 178.

Mirror Lake.
The 4th of July, 2010.

I am so thankful I live in this country, where I can go where I please & do what I please.
Like enjoy this beautiful lake with my boys and take thousands of photos.

day 177.

happy 3rd of July!!

day 176.

jax's first time bowling.
there will be cuter pics of this on my family blog soon.
i liked this one though.

day 175.


these photos are top secret until july 10th...

we will be on silly girls must check it out!!!

day 174.


car wash.

day 173.

us at Tuacahn.

P.S. don't see CATS.

day 172.

my vintage baby.

day 171

lazy day at the pool.