day 141.

just when i think i know whats going on.
just when i'm ready to call myself the shiz.
i am humbled.

there's always more to learn.

next time someone says photography is "just pushing a button, right?",
I'll slap their face off.
and i'm not kidding.

day 140.

whatever it was, it was funny!

day 139.

do you know what this is?
its made of basically pure sugar and eggs.
for me, this is happiness.

day 138.

lil big bro graduated.
[he's the tall guy in the middle]

day 137.

little Bev. avoiding me.

day 136.

today we took my son's best friend's 2 year pictures.

I am SO glad we saw this location and stopped here. I'm totally doing this for Jax when he turns 3!

day 135.

this is the girl [and her CUTE baby] who inspired me to start
this 365 blog!

we finally met in person.

day 134.

a little outdoorsy family time at oak grove!

day 133.


day 132.

he's baaaaaack.
jax is back from his 4 day vacation at grandma's.

we missed the fella.

day 131.

andy sure was being quiet during american idol tonight.
this would be why.
i wasn't even mad.
i was impressed.
he never ever ever ever acts like a kid.
it was refreshing.

day 130.

my new obsession.
can't go without this stuff.
one day, i was tempted to WALK to wal-mart to buy some.
you should try it!

(no, i'm not pregnant. i have cravings regularly)

day 129.

this little guy decided to join us for our bridals shoot.
sure is handsome, isn't he?


today we picked out ugly DI shirts for eachother & went to the movies wearing them.
it felt good to act our age.
it doesn't get to happen often.


lovely desert.

i never want to leave you or live without you.
southern utah is my home.


1997 Sunfire
218,000 miles
$1500 OBO

NOT a good deal.
one of these days a SWEET deal of a car will appear in our lives.


yep, i'm posting my photography!
sue me.



new form of bribery.
p.s. look how big this box is!

day 123.

and now i know why people have kids.

day 122.

happy mothers day.
moms are seriously the bomb.
i am thankful for my mom & all she has done & continues to do for me.

day 121.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7:
Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, ...believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

[shot today at a wedding]

day 120.

jaxon & baby beckham.

2 1/2 years & 6 mos.

day 119.

cleaning out the garage.
jax is such a happy helper!

day 121.

this truck.
this ugly truck.
bless its heart.
it's trying so hard to help out this 1 car family.

it wants to run so dang bad!

thanks to joe for lending it to us.
thanks to uncle cory for putting in the new alternator
that thanks to dad-in-law bought for it.

thanks to those in life that try to help make our lives easier.
god bless you.

day 120.

not the best photo,
but i had about 1 second to capture it before it was gone
& mr. stinky would be eating his icecream.
kids don't wait for pictures.
especially when it involves icecream.

he was more excited about "the icecream truck"
than the actual icecream.

day 119.

the only person who is allowed to ring my doorbell before noon
is the UPS guy.
he is great. he rings it and leaves. i wait til he's gone, then i quickly grab my box.
he leaves me such wonderful surprises too!

day 118.

it shouldn't ever snow in may.
not ever.

glad to be leaving the north pole.
glad to be back in the land of the sun.

day 117.

my cute cousin won miss piute on saturday night!
here she is being her awesome self with her grandpa!
i love it!
congrats, lyvi!!

day 116.

i am cheating on this picture.
this picture was really taken on saturday, and i forgot to take one on friday.
shame on me!
this was my picture display at my booth at my first boutique ever!

day 115.

uncle trevor came to stay at our house!
jax had lots of fun.

day 114.

these cute boys come into our yard sometimes
to find "rolly pullies" (aka- potato bugs)

jax is kind of girly because he hangs out with his mother all day
who screams and runs when she sees any type of bug.
this day was good for him.

day 113.

practicing with Mr. Stinky
on my "studio" style photography.. (using flash)
yeah.. still got lots of work.
i need studio lights..and a class or two or three.


day 112.

when the evening light hits this water wheel, it glows.
and makes me very happy.
and i want to stop every single time i see it & take a picture.
well, this time i did.

day 111.

sometimes, there are no words.