day 170.

minersville park?
(i think it was called)
its up marysvale canyon.

it was beautiful.

day 169.

it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get 
from leeds
to toquerville.

stupid, dang ROADWORK!

day 168.

firefighter fun.

day 167.


this is our new eating and sleeping forcer/threatener.
his name is "scary man head"

day 166.

look at this cute man!!!
i just wanna steal him!
But tending him makes me realize I CANNOT handle another child right now!

day 165.

my cutie.

day 164.

happy fathers day.

day 163.

more lake love.

day 162.

these are andy's favorite pants of mine.
i've had them FOR-EVER.
he wants me to burn them.
one time , i wore them to wal-mart when we were dating, 
and later, when we were married,
he told me he was embarrassed to be seen with me.



day 161.

best burger around.
made with love by andy man.

day 160.

is this a little creepy?
well, its what i see at 8pm if i'm sitting on my couch.
i think the light is awesome.

day 159.

one year inspection today.
we've lived here nearly that long??
that's gotta be some kind of record for us. i like it.

and i like mopping.
but guess what? i'm actually not even being sarcastic

day 158.

i got this at an antique shop. i could spend more at an antique shop than the mall probably. hmm...maybe.

i NEED a reason to use this...and i think i found one..

day 157.

this doesn't look photoshopped at all, does it?
landscape photography isn't my thing just yet, but maybe one day i'll get better.
i loved this site. it nearly took my breath away, as dumb as that sounds.
the colors??! c'mon! photoshop or no photoshop, these COLORS!
how many colors do you see??
i can't believe my eyes sometimes. i love this beautiful world.

day 156.

dixie rock.
my men.

day 155.

i'd say andy's slackin in the goal area.

day 154.

it would be so fabulous if this truck would just cooperate.

day 153.

And summer, and summer, where all the girls bear olive shoulders
And summer, and summer, where all you hope for is another
And summer, and summer, where night belongs to lust and lovers
And summer, and summer, and I am here to win you over
                                                    -dashboard confessional

day 152.

i hate this machine.

day 151.


day 150

lake love.

day 149.

squirt gun = jax's new love

day 148.

andy wants a daughter.
 (i'm tryin, i'm tryin!)

(baby mckenna, 10 weeks old)

day 147.

first swim of the year!


jax's new bud.

day 145.

jaxon's first big boy underwear.
so cute.
we'll see if these excite him enough to poop in the potty.

day 144.

happy memorial day.
i am so DANG thankful for this beautiful country i live in!
these mountains are not too far from my home.
this is heavenly. divine. amazing.

day 143.

tinfoil dinners.
memorial weekend camping trip.

day 142.

jen's wedding.
i love this girl.