day 290.

it was midnight, and i forgot my photo of the day.

i run outside, put my camera on the cement and got this.
i like it.

day 289.

Talbot Halloween Party!

day 288.

making invites!!

day 287.

This girl posted a similiar photo.

she made me NEED it.
so then, i copied her.

Ben & Jerry's is barely scratching the surface when it comes to being inspired by her.
this girl is amazing!
(i hope she doesn't mind)

day 286.

usually, spring through fall
if i walk out of my back door to take the trash out, this is what i see.
a big ugly dull wall,
and peeking above it , the brightest rose EVER.

on overcast days it pops even more.

i like it.

day 285.

this photo is special to me
whenever i see those beams of light coming down from the sky like that,
(do you see them?)
I think of my Grandma Gentry.
We were driving back from her funeral and the sky looked somewhat like this.
well, not stormy clouds, but more peaceful clouds with those amazing beams of light shining down like that.

I don't remember if someone in my family said it, or if i was just thinking it, but I thought of those beams of light as heaven opening itself up and welcoming my Grandma.
A lot of peace & calm came to me when i saw that.

I always love to see the sky doing that.
I think, who is heaven opening itself up to today?

(maybe thats cheesy, ok well i'm sure it is, but I DONT CARE!)

day 284.

i freaking love halloween.

day 283.

As jax would say "that's kinda spooky"

he also says amazing words like
 "just" and "only" and "either" and "almost"

this kid gets smarter by the minute.

day 282.

Richfield Halloween Party.
Best costume goes to my uncle kellon!

day 281.

grandpa's pumpkin patch.

love it.

day 280.

yep, that's right.

i found a movie store with all the classics.

day 279.

silly girls sneak peek!!!!

day 278.

staheli farm.

day 277.

doing halloween crafts.

day 276.


recipe here::

day 275.

first try at "panning"

i need to experiment more with it!

day 274.

yep, fall is the best time of year.
no battle.

day 273.

3 year old pictures.
i don't know how i feel about having a 3 year old.

day 272.

today , jax and i spent a good part of the day busying ourselves with holiday related festivities.
and we liked it.

day 271.

this right here makes my day grand.
it also makes my thighs grow.

day 270.

rain, what's that???
we love you dear rain.

day 269.

everyday for lunch all that seems to sound good to me is this.
my mouth will literally water thinking about cheese.

honestly, i don't think it means anything relating to what could or could not be happening in my uterus right now.

as cool as that would be , i can't get my hopes up.
i love food , i get cravings. always. the end.

day 268.

pizza factory!
i was craving these breadsticks pretty dang bad, and i knew jax would think they were pretty awesome.

day 267.