day 59.


i couldn't choose what jax likes more: cactus or sharks.

he likes "scary" things

day 58.

a $4 D.I. frame I spray painted and put over our bed.
i like looking at it!

day 57.


day 56.

self portrait.
maybe someday i'll master this?

day 55.

this was taken while doing a bridals-groomals photoshoot.

i quickly snapped it because i liked the look of that very moment.
if you look close, you see, on one flight of stairs, a guy sitting & thinking in peace.
on the other flight of stairs were two friends sitting under an umbrella, talking, laughing.

i liked it.

day 54.

I am pretty sure,
that at some point in my mid-40's,
if i happen to come across this smell,
i will,
run into the nearest bathroom
and cry.

No, I am totally sure of it.

Something I thought of, that you don't normally think of:
you are making memories everyday.
even if it doesn't feel like it.
mundane every-day tasks are seeping into your brain,
etching themselves into your memory.
without knowing it.

everytime i smell sweet temptation lotion by victoria's secret,
i am instantly taken back to the 11th grade.
the cold winter, my beater white car, my boy-friend.

it's so weird. i'm not sure i like that my nose is capable of doing such things.

day 53.

dirty, scruffy, rough & tough , hard working man.
all men need to be this way.

day 52.

 i love light. i look for light. notice it everywhere i go.
bad light, good light, great light, window light, bright light, soft light, harsh light.

i found this light interesting. view of my blinds from my bed at about 3:30 pm.
cool light.

day 51.


jax regularly helps himself to the tissue box, then after using them, he stuffs them back into the box.
that's better than stringing them all over the house, i guess.

day 50.

dad & jax getting ready to sand and stain our kitchen table.
jax loves to be smack-dab in the middle of everything. unless it's meal time.

day 49.

i love this guy.
 and the way the late afternoon light outlines the right side of him.

day 48.

and just like that, it's spring.

i love it here.

i wish i could have somehow documented everything i felt at this exact moment. The sound of birds chirping, kids playing. The cool , fresh breeze on my face. the sun warming my skin.

the feel of spring. life starting up again.

february. 60+ degree weather. nope, i'll never leave this town.

day 47.

back to life. back to our walks. i've missed them. so has jax.

day 46.

when will this glorious stage be over?

we've had to force feed him for over a year now.
every meal is a struggle, and pretty much a negative experience for everyone at our house.

day 45.

valentines day.

dixie rock. aka: lover's rock. (i know this now!)

i thought i'd be alone, but apparently so did a lot of lovey dovey couples.

on the rock there was:

-a couple with a folding table and chairs trying to have a romantic dinner. they even had flowers and wine!
-a large extended family with about a billion kids (definitely must be out of towners, enjoying the fab weather)
-more couples, alone or in groups.
-a girl with a camera. (that's me)

at one point , we were all lucky enough to get serenaded by a lover with a guitar.

it was great, really.

p.s. no, i wasn't fighting with andrew. he went to his parents house with jax, and i enjoyed the quiet time alone.

day 44.

but this time i was SO sure.
i don't know how much more of this i can take.

day 43.

the drive home.
back to life. back to reality. hey that's in a song , right?

these lovely flowers were part of what  andy gave me for V-day.
The sat right between us in the drink holder the whole ride home.

day 42.

vacation day 4.
the big  show-off walrus at sea world.
i loved this guy.

day 41.

vacation day 3.
this beautiful sight was seen on our whale watching tour.

day 40.

vacation day 2.
coronado island.
this is where, after doing a dorky dance on the beach, i dropped my beloved purple phone.

day 39.

road trip!

day 38.

getting ready for our vacay & jaxon's 4 night stay at aunt monica & uncle tyler's.


day 37.


day 36.

this is surely what I'll turn into if we don't go on vacation soon.

And we are!

day 35.

i am excited for valentines day.

day 34.

a fun valentine idea I stole from a craft blog.

these will be what jaxon gives out this year.

i can't wait til he's in school. then he can hand them out to his classmates!

day 33.

just when i think i have NOTHING to take a photo of..

something happens.

cause that's my life. something always happens.

this made me laugh for a good while, because really what else can you do when something like this happens?

yes, i've cried before after murdering a cookie recipe. i've cried a few times about it.

this time, i guess i was so over it that all i could do was laugh.

and laugh i did.

*does anyone have a good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe?*
(mom, i know you do. and i searched for it for awhile before deciding to ask google.)

never google a cookie recipe.

day 32.

for some reason, jaxon has the hardest time waking up.

he has to have "wake-up time" after nap time every day.

"wake-up time" consists of about 20 minutes of sweaty cuddles.

jax never cuddles, so we cherish this time.

even if he is an ornery baby stinky butt the whole time.