day 235.

here's an accident photo taken today
at the engagement sesh i shot!

i accidently get one or two of these photos everytime.
i kind of look foward to it.

day 234.

this stinky man is gonna get a disease one of these days.
he picked up this cup at the park, dipped it in the dirty, stinky, muddy stream water
and drank it.
all within about 20 seconds.

the day before i caught him chowing down on a tube of toothpaste.


day 233.

look at this cool guy we found on our hike!

day 232.

eating natural.

day 231.

self portrait of me with DARK HAIR.
nope, its not black.
or its not supposed to be black, anyway!
i like!

day 230.

this day, i was sick.

and this day, this is all your gettin.

day 229.

jax's first dentist visit.
he has VERY healthy teeth! (sigh of relief)
he was NOT this happy the whole time.

day 228.

jax & gun.
clearly annoyed.

day 227.

these are my beautiful cousins.
this was taken at my brother's homecoming lunch. I was SO horrible about taking pictures! agh!
but at least i got this one of these cutesies.

i wish i could steal them and use them as my models whenever i wanted.
i don't think they'd fight it too hard.

day 226.

gosh DARNIT.
this day i went on a way awesome long beautiful amazing fourwheeler ride with my mish bro, carson, and his comp. friends and our cousin & her bf. 
BUT you wouldn't guess what happened.
 Someone forgot their camera.
It was one of the greatest forms of torture I've endured to date.
There were beautiful sights to see, all to only be remembered in our heads.

So after the fourwheeler ride, in my gloomy state,
i took this picture of everyone just chillin in the living room (my parents house)

i have no idea what's going on at this exact moment. its fun to try to guess though.

day 225.

more macro love.

day 224.

welcome home, carsy babe!
(aka elder gentry, aka my BIG little bro)

day 223.

i love late summer.

day 222.

gettin my hair did.
hot, huh?

day 221.

do ya feel lucky punk?
well, do ya?

day 220.

everyday for the past week, i've taken on a new house cleaning/organizational project.
today was OUR CLOSET.

andrew has about as many shoes as I do.
I didn't count, but I'm sure there were at least 46 pair.

day 219.

county fair.
Jaxon was in heaven.

day 218.


day 217.

year 24.

day 216.

i love being a silly girl.

day 215.

i've never seen andy get physically hurt.
i did today.
it was weird and it made me nervous.

he got a 2nd degree burn from touching some really hot place on the lawn mower.
poor guy.
good news is he got accepted into the Physcial Therapists Assistant program!

day 214.

i can't imagine where he learned this...

day 213.

rainbow love.

day 212.

I had an amazing time with the talented photographer, Laurie Terry
this weekend in Pahrump, Nevada.
We shot the funnest wedding & the sweetest couple!


day 211.

i love this evening light.
i love the way it makes my front yard glow.
i love the yellow.
i love summer.

day 210.

4 years.
feels like 10.
can't decide if thats good or bad.
love you, andy.

day 209.

this years charm.
every year andy gives me a charm.
the charm signifies every year of our marriage.
i am in love with this idea that he thought of on his own.

day 208.

super bad quality photo.
sorry bout that.

jax loves watching mickey mouse.

day 207.

two days of cookies!
our sweet spanish neighbors brought us some "mexican goodies"
they are the nicest , most thoughtful neighbors.

day 206.

it was a cookie sunday.
recipe ~here~

day 205.

We went to the Wildlife Museum,
and i absolutely loved this most of all.

day 204.

this is a lovely sight to see here
in the good old George.

day 203.

this is a rare occurence.
not him putting on my shoes,
but the fact that my shoes are HEELS.

we had another silly girls photoshoot, and this time we dressed up as the Clue cast.
I was Mrs. Peacock.
Pictures coming soon on my family blog!

day 202.

trying to eat healthy.

day 201.

Dear apple slicer, where you have you been all my life?
now i don't have to try to change the subject when jax asks for an apple.
i HATE cutting apples.

day 200.

i hate that he knows  how to do all of this,
but he's so cute doing it.