day 89.

our tree is budding with life.

[i think i'm going to be sad when this 365 project is over. i don't know what i'll do with myself when that day comes. i quite enjoy finding something interesting to take a photo of everyday.]

day 88.

i can't tell you how ecstatic i am to edit this fun engagement sesh i just did!

day 87.

toquerville falls.
one of my fave places.

day 86.

Quail Lake.
This out of focus thing is fun to play with!

day 85.

flowers seem to make life better.
i'm pretty sure these were planted just for me to see today.

day 84.

sometimes, ya just need to get out of the house
and drive.

"It's driven me before, and it seems to be the way,

that everyone else gets around,

But lately I'm, beginning to find that,

When I drive myself my light is found."
*this is the song that crept into my head & I think it fits my life perfectly right now.

day 83.

love these shoes!
[thanks, kim]

day 82.

ha. ha. ha.

day 81.

my favorite face.
my favorite eyes. 
I may or may not have enhanced them.

day 80.

this picture brings back warm summer memories.

On sunday drives as a kid, we'd go up in the hills and grab a "bucket of chicken"
that was before KFC started making KGC (grilled chicken)
Now everything is all messed up.

Yesterday, we went exploring in the mountains. 
we grabbed our "bucket of chicken"

day 79.

where is thumbkin , where is thumbkin?
here i am, here i am.

jax loves to sing this song & do the actions.
it's really so very cute.

day 78.

i'm excited for easter!

and for these things:
egg hunts,
coloring eggs,
jelly beans,
warm weather,
but most of all:

day 77.

lovely weather = mucho bike rides

day 76,

this was my view from our front yard, sitting on the grass , soaking up the wonderful spring day.
this is our front window. 
i LOVED this reflection!

[happy st. patricks day]

day 75.

jax came in wearing this and said
"my boobs"


where does he learn this stuff?

day 74.



day 73.

on our sunday drive, we came across these lovely lambs.
is a lamb a baby and a sheep an adult?
or can they all be lambs or sheeps? kind of like bunnies and rabbits? 
i promise what i just said makes sense in my head.

day 72.

SO happy
to finallly see this little sliver of blue in the sky.
[this is our view from our front yard. i love pine valley mountain!]

day 71.

we walk past this cute cowboy when we go on our library walks.

i love it!

day 70.


day 69.

wanna know what saves mine and jaxon's buns
on a rainy,

I am grateful for our TV, VCR/DVD player and disney movies.

my mind would be gone without it.
maybe it already is.

day 68.


day 67.

our fridge.
(i did not move anything around)

i think you can learn a lot about a person from their fridge.
inside and out.
priorities, interests, personality.
my fridge is chaotic and disorganized.

and nope, you DON'T wanna see the inside.

i'm quite satisfied with the outside.

day 66.

jaxon's newest cousin, hailey.

i think what i love most about this photo are grandma's hands holding hers.

too cute.

day 65.

sorry that most of my pictures for this project are of my jax.
but i just can't help it.
do you see why?

he did this all by himself. (well he asked me to put the blanket on him.)

yeah, he needs a little friend. i know, i know.

day 64.


we finally got jax one of his own.

as you can see, he is fascinated by it.

day 63.

do you see what that is??

yes, that's life.

 my tree is coming to life.


day 62.

i used to think girl scout cookies were over-rated, like i do about a lot of other truly over-rated things.
like twilight! agh.
but, ordering some for myself and waiting the long month it took for them to get here, then eating them in silence while editing photos,
made me realize that they're delightful, and yummy, and perfect.
and they deserve all the ridiculous attention they get.

day 61.

jaxon LOVES watching videos of himself singing the ABCs.
he's basically obsessed with himself.
cutest thing ever to watch.

day 60.

andy will not be working here anymore.
i figured i'd get a pic of his ugly truck i WILL NOT be looking out my front window waiting for anymore.
aww, sad day.