day 266.

jax does this freaky face now.
and we taught him to hold his finger up and say "redrum"

what a cool kid.


day 265.

summer is ending.
this makes me a little sad, but a little glad too.


day 264.

i did not take this photo on tuesday.
i am lying.
and i hate liars.
but its either lie or not post anything on this day.
my computer crashed, so i lost today's real photo.

anyway. i love cows.
( i took this on monday. on the drive home at the Gentry Ranch in beaver)

day 263.

i took this on the way home from Richfield.
It was by the cove fort exit.
jax had to stop to pee, and i couldn't pass this up.

day 262.

i love this boy.
he is my brother.
he goes to college now, and it makes me terribly sad.
i mean terribly terribly sad.
i cried when he had to leave to go back to college this day.

day 261.

fourwheeling in Richfield.


day 260.

sorry, my photos are getting a little boring.
i need to be more motivated to do COOL 365 photos.

this is what my bed looks like when i'm getting ready.
i love pandora.

day 259.

its kinda sad how i don't spend much time editing my 365 pics...sorry.
i'm too busy editing my photography. ALL. THE. TIME.

jax loves these dracula teeth!

day 258.

andy came home from class wearing this.
he left wearing a regular gray t-shirt.

what happens in class , stays in class.

day 257.

i made this game when i was suuuuuper young.

so glad i still have these games for jax!
he loves them.

day 256;

our september silly girls photoshoot!

(they're ALL on facebook)

day 255.

(sammie this is for you!)

if i had to explain what's going on here.. i couldn't.

my friend kim & i threw our friend sammie a baby shower!

day 254.

EVERY time i walk out my back door,
i see at least one of these little guys scampering off
so fast to get away from me.

day 253.

date night.

i liked this one the best because i'm doing what i always do when he has to hold my heavy camera;
telling him how take the photo.

and well, he's just always annoyed with me!

day 252.

jax likes to line up all his cars 
and point to them one by one and say (to all of them),
"I got this one from peeing in the potty"

too. cute.

day 251.

stick 'em up!

 jaxon loves guns & i just really don't.
i've just never felt comfortable having ANY type of gun pointed at my face.
nope, not cool.
i'm kind of a hippie.

good thing jax has andrew.
they can go have  their killing eachother with guns playtime, and i can go in the other room.

day 250.

i watched a miracle happen.

day 249,


Jax has waited alllll yearrrr for this.

pretty sure this is what he'll wear for the next month and a half!

day 248.

today is nine eleven.

i am thankful for those who fight for me and my family
so that i can have a family.

day 247.

today we went to baby beckham's house!

jaxon loves this kid!

day 246.

what a cute girl!
oh wait...that's jax!
aaand now i'll never have a girl!

day 245.


nope, we're not ghetto here.

day 244.

broken dryer.


day 243.

"Beaver Cheese Store"
(that's the name I gave it)


day 242.

camping at lebaron lake.
love it!

day 241.

i really, really, really love this sight.

day 240.

just got halloween costumes!
yep, its a secret!

day 239.

i am in love with his eyes.

day 238.

no name on this either!
what is my deal?

but if you DO take this one & claim these two fellas as your family,
you'll be in deep trouble.

love these boys!

day 237.

whoops, no name on this either!
you can have it though.
its a pretty special photo- NOT!

its my protein shake and a "wasa" cracker with all natural PB on it.

day 236.

forgot to put my name on this one!
steal it if you want, i really won't mind.

its nothing great, amazing, or wonderful.
i did engagement photos up in the red rock today.
it was great! i love st. george's beautiful red rock!