day 33.

just when i think i have NOTHING to take a photo of..

something happens.

cause that's my life. something always happens.

this made me laugh for a good while, because really what else can you do when something like this happens?

yes, i've cried before after murdering a cookie recipe. i've cried a few times about it.

this time, i guess i was so over it that all i could do was laugh.

and laugh i did.

*does anyone have a good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe?*
(mom, i know you do. and i searched for it for awhile before deciding to ask google.)

never google a cookie recipe.


  1. i love you alecia, i will have to search for my recipe and send it to you.

  2. Hey, they still look delish! I hope they at least taste good. I still have yet to make an apple pie that doesn't turn into soup! :)

  3. found a great recipe on Tasty Kitchen... i have made them several times and they always turn out great, and the dough freezes beautifully! here is the link...