lovely desert.

i never want to leave you or live without you.
southern utah is my home.


  1. I need this to be my home....I love you too SG!
    P.S. you really need to go take some pictures of those awesome wild flowers on the side of the road/interstate (I took some crappy pictures and posted them on my blog) and thought you could doooo wondersss with those flowers. (We even past some professional photographers out taking some pictures of them.)
    -they are located like right before the Wal-Mart DC and grow about 5-10 miles north ...you can’t miss them.

  2. YES! I have seen them many many many times. there are TONS and I do love them!!!! yes, i need to stop and take pics for sure! i love st. george!! why don't you make this your home?! you're too cool to live in the frozen tundra of northern utah!