day 322.

happy thanksgiving.

i am thankful for LIFE.

let me explain why i chose this photo. its been a crazy year for me, and for my husbands side of the family, and for a dear friend of mine. LIFE has been crazy. many babies were born, but none of them being mine. 4 of my sister in laws had babies this year. this is one of them. my friend has two babies that were completely unplanned, and she is unmarried. this isn't a self pity post by any means. what makes this whole thing significant and ironic, is that this baby's daddy has cancer, and has been told he has a 10% chance to live. This baby right here was conceived ONE month before they even knew he had cancer, and before he started chemo right after, making him sterile. this baby was a miracle.

this baby was given LIFE.
LIFE is a miracle.

i am so very blessed to have LIFE, while some our struggling so hard for theirs.

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