day 309.

does anyone remember these?
and the craze they caused?
or maybe its just me....

in grades 6-8, gelli rolls were a BIG DEAL.
if you didn't have gelli rolls, you may as well just not even come to school.
i remember searching high and low for them, but they were so hard to find, because i guess they'd be sold out everywhere?

little did i know, that at age 24, i could just waltz into my neighborhood Roberts Craft store, grab a 40% coupon & buy them for about $8 without any trouble or hassle.
i did not have to save  all my money for what seemed to be such expensive but worth it pens.
i did not have to search every store and hopefully find the last pack.
 they were just there. in full stock.

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  1. Gelly Rolls! Oh man.. Those things were pretty damn cool back in the day. Everyone in Pine View freaked out when we got our year books back and they had black pages.. The only thing that would show up were these.