day 358.

its been a Great Year!
especially the last few weeks of it :)


i can't believe my this project is over.
i have NO IDEA why i only have 358 days, though.
that makes me sad :(
i guess i could go through and count all of them to see where i messed up.. weird!

oh well.
i loved doing this, and now that it's over, i don't know what i am going to do.
its become such a habit to get my "photo of the day"
i got really lazy there though at the end of it. i wasn't bringing my camera around everywhere with me like i used to, and i missed out on some cool photos, which is sad.

i'm thinking i'll do another one of these, soon.
i want to make a book of it!

if you are a fellow 365'er , leave me your blog, i'd love to keep up with you!
thanks for all my loyal followers! 
hope you all have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!
and i challenge you to in SOME WAY, document your everyday life. You'll be surprised at what awesomeness surrounds you. you'll learn to appreciate small things. you'll see beauty everywhere, even in the mundane. you don't have to be a photographer, you just have to LIKE to take pictures AND commit to it.

SO DO IT! you won't regret it!

goodbye, sob sob.


  1. i am doing it gosh! ;) I'm going to be sad you have wonderful photos. I look fwd to when you do it again .

  2. i'm working on your new design NOW! :) i'm excited for your next 365 project.
    it will be excellent.

  3. um, wow. that's from me, annaleese. i forgot i'm in your account. haha. i'm a HUGE dufus.